Applications Now Open for TEDxNortheasternU 2024-2025

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Our Teams

Executive Team

Ensures the smooth and efficient execution of the mission and vision for TEDxNortheasternU.

Community Engagement Team

Initiates outreach and maintains relationships with other student and professional organizations.

Finance Team

Oversees budgets, secures sponsorships, facilitates finance, and ensures events are financially successful.

Marketing Team

Creates compelling messaging and campaigns that captivate, inform, and inspire, ensuring our message and mission resonate widely and effectively.

Media Team

Creates a compelling and engaging experience, visually and creatively advancing our mission.

Operations Team

Oversees all major logistics, including organization of physical assets, bookings, xLabs, catering, and videography.

Speaker Development Team

Sources and trains speakers in preparation for events. Helps aspiring TEDx speakers fulfill their goals.

Tech Team

Leverages technology to enhance the TEDx experience. Builds and manages digital properties including our website and interactive exhibits.