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Marketing & Design

As a Videographer, you will be responsible for capturing the visual essence of a variety of events: our flagship TEDx speaker event, xLabs, fundraisers, and community events. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for aesthetics, you will be tasked with composing striking and impactful videography that showcase the speakers, audience members, and overall atmosphere of TEDxNU and its events.


  • Plan, organize, and execute videography projects

  • Capture high-quality, striking video and audio footage of speakers, audience members, and other elements of our organization and events

  • Create motion graphics and special effects

  • Compose aesthetically pleasing shots under a variety of lighting conditions

  • Deliver final product in a timely manner

  • Edit and post-process videos to ensure they are of the highest quality

  • Work closely with the Marketing and Design Teams to ensure that videography align with the overall vision and goals of the organization and event

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest videography techniques and technologies

  • Maintain and organize equipment, including cameras, lenses, and other videography gear

  • Complete any additional tasks as needed to support the successful execution of TEDxNU events

  • Attend all events sponsored or planned by TEDxNU


  • Accountable, reliable, organized, and communicative

  • While having a good camera is preferred, videographers can easily just use their phones to capture content

  • Experience with Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, or comparable software


All students currently enrolled at Northeastern University on the Boston, MA campus who are interested in TEDxNU and believe they would be a good fit for this position are encouraged to apply. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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