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Procurement Lead


This individual is responsible for managing the procurement process for all materials, equipment, and services required for TEDxNU. The role requires knowledge of contracts, excellent written and verbal communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to manage multiple vendors and suppliers.


  • Be the go-to teammate for all procurement of materials

  • Source and purchase materials necessary for the organization within budget constraints

  • Manage relationships with vendors and negotiate contracts

  • Track expenses and properly archive all receipts, invoices, and contracts

  • Support the organization of xLabs

  • Oversee organization and storage of all physical assets

  • Create process for organizing day-of event logistics

  • Follow up with team members regarding tasks as needed

  • Assist Operations Director with all event logistics (room requests, food, materials, schedules, etc.) and other duties as requested


  • Strong organizational and communication skills

  • Self-sufficient and driven

  • Past experience ordering a range of marketing and operational materials is a plus

  • Past experience managing complex processes with several moving parts is a plus


All students currently enrolled at Northeastern University on the Boston, MA campus who are interested in TEDxNU and believe they would be a good fit for this position are encouraged to apply. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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